RaiaDrogasil gains more control over data processing by migrating data lake to AWS with Compass UOL consulting and implementation services

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RaiaDrogasil S.A. is the leader of the pharmaceutical retail market in Brazil. With a century-old history, it has more than 2,300 stores spread across 24 Brazilian states. RD has been working towards restructuring its technology processes, aiming to establish itself as a data-driven company.

To achieve this goal, the company migrated its data lake to AWS with the services of Compass UOL. In just two months, the company transferred all the retailer's data processing to Amazon EMR and organized and structured the data generation flows using AWS technologies. As a result, RaiaDrogasil gained more control over its data environment, without bottlenecks and with effective costs.

Our challenge

RaiaDrograsil sought to strengthen meeting its data & analytics demands as it became a data-driven company. For this, it had to migrate its data lake to AWS. Compass UOL defined support points to migrate the services using AWS’ SDLF (Serverless Data Lake Framework) and organized the data processing flow. To reach the project's performance goals with compatible costs, it would be necessary to customize the existing framework.

Our solutions


  1. We added more tools to- and increased storage capacity of the data lake by adjusting the data processing – which, until then, was only performed on AWS Glue –, to AWS' big data platform, Amazon EMR.
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  3. We adjusted the flow of demand generation on AWS Step Functions, responsible for controlling the entire data ingestion pipeline of each object in the data lake.
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  5. We eased the use of the SDL framework following the best practices proposed by AWS.
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  7. We implemented new data management frameworks using AWS’ Apache Hudi and Apache Spark.
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  9. We implemented the Redshift data warehouse, which enables scalability and increases the performance of queries made by BI tools from the data lake.

Main results

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Cost savings by migrating data processing to Amazon EMR.

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Agile environment control without bottlenecks in processing through AWS Step Functions.

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Greater business visibility and integrated analytics that were not possible before.

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Greater control over all data processing layers, from data ingestion to exhibition with the new solution architecture.

Our differentials

  • Agile methodology – the project was executed in two months.
  • Partnership and specialized team of certified professionals in AWS technologies.
  • Constant knowledge exchange and availability of the technical team.