Livelo integrates new services to Clube Livelo and expands points exchange interface with Oracle Commerce Cloud technologies and implementation by Compass UOL

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Livelo is a free rewards program available to everyone. Through the website and app, customers can collect points with online shopping, in physical stores, and using a credit card. The accumulated points can be exchanged for more than 800 thousand items that include services, products and experiences through the platform or in more than 8 million commercial establishments in Brazil.

Livelo customers can be part of Clube Livelo, a monthly subscription program in which participants collect points every month and can have access to benefits such as non-expiring points, exclusive offers and special discounts, and are also able to further enhance their use of points.

With the objective of increasing the proposition value and engagement while creating more benefits for the accumulation and use of points, Livelo launched a new version of its subscription club last year. The project allowed the creation of a new category, called Clube Mega, and several benefits. Compass UOL worked with the company in adapting the e-commerce environment and creating new APIs to integrate the platform.

Our challenges

In September 2021, Livelo launched a new value proposition for its subscription club with the objective of bringing more benefits to Clube Livelo. The company created the Clube Mega plan that guarantees, among other benefits, the accumulation of 12,000 points per month. In addition, the names of the existing plans (Classic, Plus, Super and Top) were changed to differentiate the customer category. Other changes, such as the amount of points that the subscriber can buy at a discount every four months, the availability of bonus points and exclusive discounts for exchanging products, were also implemented.

As a result, new processes and integrations had to be created on the platform's interface to receive the new transaction possibilities, with agility and ensuring a great customer experience. Compass UOL enabled the expansion with the creation of APIs in Java. In addition, the project allowed the integration of Livelo with partner Veloe, allowing Clube Livelo customers to hire the vehicle tag at a discount through the rewards program. The project was executed in four months, with a team of 11 developers.

Our solutions


  1. We created new APIs for the integration of platform functions and with partner Veloe in Java, using Spring Boot.
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  3. We integrated the points exchange environments, and secured the usability and fluidity of transactions with Oracle Commerce Cloud.
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  5. We employed Scrum methodology for management team workflows, ensuring the agility of the integration delivery.

Main results

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Evolution of the service offered by Clube Livelo.

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Integration of the new plan and name change carried out without interruptions and failures.

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Success of promotional campaigns.

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Increase in memberships and upgrades.

Our differentials

  • Knowledge about the Livelo product.
  • Agility of the team in the development of evolutions.
  • Partnership with Oracle being one of the main implementers of Oracle Commerce Cloud in the world.
  • Team of professionals specialized and certified in Oracle Commerce Cloud technologies.
  • Constant knowledge exchange and availability of the technical team, providing advice on good data engineering practices.