a Compass

These are unprecedented times when old convictions are torn just like paper sheet.

If in the past we could not assume disorientation - even though we felt it - now more than ever we are open to discuss vulnerability.

More than that, we understood that it's ok to feel a bit lost, because we were forced to realize that the only certainty is the uncertainty.

But what if, magically, we could see the future and transform our uncertainty into a direction? Someone to solve our needs even before we realize we need it?

We can say Compass is a bit closer to the future than most of us, right? Because these people are passionate about what the future will bring us.

But if it's a big ambition to show a direction to the future, it is also in its very DNA, its own name.

To be a Compass.
Let's embrace it.

Technology and people
focused on

Our mission is to help our clients enhance their business success and become leaders in their market segments. To accomplish this, Compass has certified professionals, who not only use state-of-the-art technologies but really love what they do.

We value innovation and encourage the training and development of our professionals, enabling new experiences and continuous learning.

Part of the UOL Group, Compass is a visionary organization and has developed several integrated technological solutions. Based on the agile development model with some enhanced ideas, we use frameworks that combine the principles of digital transformation, multicloud, managed services, and digital security.

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We are guided by our pillars

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Transparency to build trust in relationships

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Innovation and sustainable growth to achieve success

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People as a key to the business

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Knowledge to create value

Our offices

We foster borderless talents.
Technology can bring us to you anywhere, so we are always close to our clients, communities, and partners, transforming businesses and people’s daily lives. Digital has broken down many borders and enabled professional achievement with unique experiences. We are masters at fostering talents across the globe.

World map with Compass' presence in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and delivery centers in Brazil.