Procurement Contracts Cloud

Organizations typically produce contracts that differ dramatically based on the supplier, category of purchase, and contracting officer involved in negotiating the document. Producing a low risk and high-quality contract in this environment can challenge even the most dedicated procurement and legal departments. Are the right clauses and service levels in place? Did the right people approve? Are you going to get what you negotiated?


Solution Profile

Oracle Procurement Contracts Cloud can help you take control of the contracting process, reduce risk, and achieve world-class results. As part of the integrated Oracle Procurement Cloud suite, you can negotiate agreements with Oracle Procurement Contracts Cloud that follow your policies and deliver unprecedented visibility and compliance. Compasso provides complete implementation and support of this product.


Key Benefits
• Streamline contract creation
• Gain visibility into agreements
• Ensure policy compliance
• Reduce risk
• Shorten cycle-times


Key Features
• Enterprise contract management
• Guided procurement contract creation
• Drag and drop contract authoring
• Deliverable tracking
• Microsoft Word add-in for improved authoring and collaboration
• Contract deviations management
• Fully searchable repository
• Amendments tracking
• Renewal notifications
• Digital signatures