Nearshore Services

Brazil Nearshore services for North American Customers covers exclusively Oracle Technologies. Our Software Implementation Services are based on CMMi‐3 global best practices and maximize near shore working advantages: similar time zones, large daytime windows of common business hour availability, and GMT ‐3 zone (only 1‐3 hours ahead of Eastern U.S.). In addition, Brazilian culture and the understanding of western business practices create a superior ability to translate business rules into applied technology for North American customers.


Solution Profile
Brazil At A Glance

• 11th largest economy in the World Gross Domestic Product: US$850 Billion dollars
• Population: 190 Million
• Brazil represents 43% of the total Latin America economy
• Stable democratic government
• Brazil boasts the highest rate of foreign investment in Latin America
• Brazilian geography is equivalent to USA without Alaska
• Technically educated workforce
• Dedicated governmental support for technical advancement
• Well respected universities
• Comprehensive telecom network offers countrywide access
• 125 million mobile phones in operation in the end of 2007.
• Second largest population of Italians and Germans on the planet.

Political Organization
• Brazil has implemented effective policies to stimulate the development of the I.T. industry.
• Stable democratic government
• Government that encourages technological development through incentives
• Mature/stable economy with low inflation rates not affected by political change
• International risk ratings are low and trust for international business is high

Established I.T. Centers in Brazil
• Accenture, EDS, Hughes, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Siemens, Sun and Unisys

Talent Pool
More than 1.7 million IT professionals. English is a mandatory language course on the school curricula. Technical schools and universities form 246,000 IT‐related professionals per year from 5.8 million students. Brazil has one of the largest communities of COBOL and Java programmers in the world.

Brazil has one of the lowest attrition rates in the I.T. outsourcing industry. 10% to 15% has been the achieved rate over the last few years and remains the current expectation moving forward.

Brazilian workers are recognized for their commitment and flexibility. If they see they are unable to meet a delivery deadline, they will bring it to the attention of the client. They won’t wait until the last minute and then say they can’t meet the deadline.

Key Advantages
Some other reasons to consider Brazil for your next offshore outsourcing project include:

1. Brazil is an $18 billion IT industry and one of the largest IT industries in the world. It has a large and experienced work force.
2. Billing rates in Brazil are very competitive. Rates are more affordable than almost all other South American or European countries and, adjusting for inflation, on par to India.
3. This is a highly educated professional work force. Brazilian universities are very competitive and very inexpensive to stay in. Expect to find professionals with advanced degrees.
4. Brazil has 1‐3 hours different in time with U.S. Eastern Standard Time. This facilitates real‐time communications and gives you a higher probability of completing your project on time or early.
5. Out of the largest developing economies, Brazil has the second‐highest number of English speakers (10.2 million)
6. Air travel to Brazil is convenient and affordable.
7. Good industrial infrastructure and low-cost telephony service.