Integration solutions are focused on unlocking challenges with complex relationships between applications and services, across organizational boundaries, with multiple-channel delivery. Compasso seeks to reduce the complexity of its customers’ IT solutions, add value, ensure data integrity and enable the use of specialized applications in an integrated manner. Because by providing flexibility in the use of data from different systems, there is also an opportunity to better understand the information provided and thereby intelligent business decision making.

Integrations are essentially divided in on-line (SOA) and bulk (ELT). Products and platforms used for SOA transform complex, peer-to-peer application relationships into agile and reusable service-based connectivity objects through mediation, routing, abstraction, and interaction management between cloud, mobile and enterprise applications.

Bulk data integrations make use of the Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) concept, which allows the spread of a vast amount of information stored in different systems. These processes accelerate the movement and transformation of large volumes of data with high performance in heterogeneous origins: different technologies of databases, file systems, JMS queues, among others.