E-Commerce & Customer Experience

Company Overview

Compasso is a Software Reseller and Systems Integration company, founded in 1995 and focused exclusively on the Oracle suite of products. We specialize in custom software development and maintenance, integration, testing, and implementation. Our primary goal is to enable our customers to gain competitive advantages through reliable, high performance technology applications.

From multiple offices in the U.S. and Brazil, our consultants deliver services for large organizations in North and South America. Our professionals perform services at client facilities or remote offices as necessary, as well as at our international near-shore development center located in Brazil. When needed, we have the capability to double the current seating capacity. Our facilities are equipped with all necessary security and backup protocols.

Oracle Platinum Partner

Compasso has achieved Oracle’s Platinum Partner recognition, one of the highest levels that can be awarded. Additionally, the Compasso team’s expertise and certifications, together with our Customer Success Stories, has enabled us to have over 50 commerce implementations including several that are Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) utilizing our 1500 salaried consultant resources

Near‐Shoring for North American Customers

Our Software Implementation Services are based on the Agile best practices and maximizes near shore working advantages: Similar time zones, large daytime windows of common business hour availability, and GMT ‐3 zone (only 1‐3 hours ahead of Eastern U.S.). In addition, Brazilian western culture and the common understanding of western business practices create a superior ability to translate business rules into applied technology for North American customers.

eCommerce & Customer Experience Offering

:: Digital Strategy

  • ECommerce Strategic Planning
  • Sector Benchmarks Analysis
  • Business Model Definition
  •  Online Channel Positioning
  • Mobile and Social Commerce Strategy
  • Conversion Rate Increase Strategy
  • Traffic Increase Strategy
  • Average Ticket Increase Strategy


:: Customer Experience & Design

  • Navigation Design and User Experience
  • Creation and Design
  • HTML / CSS programming
  • Design Optimization for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Performance Optimization Layout
  • Optimizing Checkout Flows
  • Accessibility Implementation
  • Definition of Customization, Segmentation
  • SEO, Analytics and Tag Management

:: Specialized Implementation

  • Deployment of eCommerce Platform
  • Data Migration Planning and Execution
  • Integration / Functional / Load / Stress Tests
  • Integrations with back-end systems
  • Assisted Production, Support and CI
  • Reporting and BI Analytics implementation
  • Datacenter / Hosting Infrastructure Services

:: Continuous Optimization

  • Training and Qualification of Business Users
  • Functional Optimization: SEO, Analytics, Tag Managements and Checkout
  •  Platform Optimization
  • Training Infrastructure Optimization