Compasso is an accomplished, certified Oracle Commerce implementation partner, with over two dozen implementations in the past five years and more than 120 professional focused on Oracle Commerce (including ATG and Endeca technologies).
Compasso’s Oracle Commerce Solution is designed for customers looking to leverage the full power of Oracle Commerce to gain competitive advantages in the e-commerce arena. Compasso has the expertise to successfully implement an Oracle Commerce solution for your organization.

Key features of Compasso’s Oracle Commerce solution include;
1. Compasso’s Integration Framework, which provides interfaces to facilitate the integration of Oracle Commerce with customer back-end systems, including ERP, WMS, OMS and more.
2. Compasso’s Base Commerce, which includes pre-built integrations with several third-party services, including payment gateways, shipping providers, fraud solutions and email marketing.
3. Feature-rich baseline scope such as multi-site management, catalog/product management, content authoring, personalization, SEO, analytics/reporting and more.

Solution Profile
Our solution offering covers the following main disciplines:

    • Digital Strategy
    • eCommerce Strategy Planning
    • Sector Benchmark Analysis
    • Business Model Definition
    • Online Channel Positioning
    • Mobile/Social Commerce Strategy
    • Strategy to Increase Conversion Rates
    • Strategy to Increase Traffic
    • Strategy to Increase AOV
    • Customer Experience & Design
    • User Experience Design
    • Mobile (Tables/Smartphones) Design Optimization
    • Performance Oriented Layout Optimization
    • Checkout Flow Optimization
    • Personalization and Segmentation Definition
    • SEO, Analytics and Tag Management
    • Specialize Implementation
    • Oracle Commerce Implementation
    • Data Migration Planning and Execution
    • Integration, Functional, Load and Stress Tests
    • Compasso’s Integration Framework (Back-end Integrations)
    • Application Support
    • Reporting/BI Implementation
    • Hosting Services
    • Continuous Optimization
    • Business Users Training
    • Functional Optimization: SEO, Analytics, Tag Management, Checkout
    • Platform Optimization
    • Hosting Optimization