What our clients say

“Compasso has played a key role in the digital transformation of Livraria Cultura. Not only did they support us on the development of our new site, but more than that: it is a company that we could always count on at all times along the journey we’ve had so far.”

Jesus de Francisco Garcia CIO / IT Director at Livraria Cultura S.A.

“Compasso has been with us since the very first moment. In everything we do, we talk a lot with Compasso before deciding and they are real partners: always available and always honest. Counting with the support of Compasso, I see no other result than a growing line of continuous improvement of our sites.”

Byanca Machado IT E-Commerce Manager at Grupo Soma

“We rely on our partners. They are key to our strategy. Without a strong and cohesive partnership, we would never have been able to achieve the results we have so far.”

Daniel Mathias Platform Leader at Rede Natura

“We’ve clearly identified that our market approach was not that of following patterns. We are a company that thinks outside the box. Thus, we’ve felt a need to completely change our technologies. In that period, we got a lot of help from Compasso.”

José Alberto Silva CIO at Reserva

“Our partnership with Compasso is now one of managing our projects with agility, with a concept of lean projects, fast deployment and focused on customer experience.”

Rodrigo Berutti Service Center E-Commerce Manager at Reserva

“We’ve been growing consistently for the past three years, and our mind is at ease, since the site supports it. And mainly on our sales spikes, like Black Friday, we are confident because we’ve sided with Compasso.”

Rafael Passos E-Commerce Manager at Reserva

“The partnership with Compasso since the beginning of the project helped us restructure a large part of the e-commerce operation involving integrations and specifications of a different strategy model and helped us to make a large part of the digital transformation which was obtained through e-commerce. The technical knowledge of Compasso’s team was very important throughout our history.”

Guilherme Hoffmann Head of E-Commerce at Furukawa LatAm

“Compasso’s knowledge is helping us greatly in the development of our e-commerce strategies. We are very pleased with what they have been delivering to us.”

Eduardo Orlandin Head of E-Commerce at Angeloni